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Microsoft to Launch Windows Embedded Enterprise v.Next platform for ATM Machines

Microsoft is planning to launch a version of the Windows 8 platform for smart embedded devices like ATM machines and smart kiosks.

According to an article on The Register, the company plans to release the Windows Embedded Enterprise v.Next platform for embedded devices three months after the release of the commercial version of Windows 8.

The Windows Embedded Enterprise v.Next allows makers of ATM machines and other similar devices to use full versions of Windows 8 on them. Also, three months after that, the company plans to launch the Windows Embedded Standard v.Next, meant for less sophisticated embedded devices.

The company also revealed that it plans to launch a preview version of Windows 8 for embedded devices in the first quarter of 2012, even though the launch time frame for the desktop version of Windows 8 has not been specified.

"The growth of embedded systems is outstripping even the mobile phone. Key software components are needed to manage these devices, if they are to usefully feed data back to the operators," Kevin Dallas, Microsoft's embedded systems group manager, told The Register.