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Microsoft Shareholders Complain about Brief Annual Meet

Microsoft's annual shareholders meeting left many people angry over the little time allotted for asking questions from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Chairman and co-founder Bill Gates.

According to Reuters, shareholders were grumbling, some were shouting, about the 15 minutes time frame given to them for posing questions to the company's leaders.

"We drove through the snow to get here. He (Ballmer) is talking about tablets and phones as if it were a new thing. Apple's had these things for years. My granddaughters don't even know what Microsoft does. They should treat the owners better than they do," said Bill Parker, one of the 450 shareholders present at the meeting.

Microsoft posted a record profit of $23.1 billion in the last fiscal year but that has not done anything to skyrocket the company's share price, which has remained in the $20-$30 range for the last decade and this is what is worrying the shareholders.

Market uncertainty, with Microsoft losing ground to Apple and Google, has become a great cause of worry among the shareholders.

The company released the Windows Phone 7 platform almost a year ago and it is yet to take off in the market compared to Android and iOS that continue to take huge strides.