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MIT Researchers Develop Chip That Mimics Human Brain

Recently, an MIT research group declared that they successfully developed a chip that is capable of mimicking synapse between the neurons of the human brain.

Synapse is a structure inside the human brain that empowers a "neuron to send information to any other part inside the brain". The information is either chemical or electrical and a synapse carries them to another neuron or any other cell present in the human brain.

As per MIT, the modus operandi of the chip is similar to the process that happens inside the brain. The chip allowed the MIT team to mimic ion channels behaviour inside the brain, reported Forbes.

This latest design is an all new take on the brain mimicking chip compared to IBM's cognitive computers. For IBM chip the structure of the human brain is a map for designing the circuits of their chip through which they achieve their goal of practical miniaturisation.

The latest MIT chip is a wonderful achievement and very useful for the neuroscientists who are trying to understand the underlying human brain structure and also wants to conduct experiments.

The team of researchers of MIT is planning to use this chip to understand the human brain in a deeper and detailed way.