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Nokia To Release Windows 8 Tablet By June 2012?

Apart from hinting that there could well be a new top of the range Windows Phone handset (opens in new tab) at Nokia, the boss of Nokia France told French newspaper Les Echos that the company will have a tablet that will run Windows 8.

He even stated that the tablet would appear in June 2012, which matches the estimated date of release of Windows next generation operating system.

It is certain that the tablet will run on an ARM chipset; our bet is Qualcomm rather than any other silicon manufacturer. Nokia has also used ST-Ericsson and Broadcom in the past, but neither have a Windows 8 for ARM license at the time of writing.

Nokia hasn't had much success selling Windows devices in the past. We remember its attempt to ride the wave of netbook success back in 2009 with the Booklet 3G, an expensive piece of kit which ended up being a disappointment, at least for us.

It was essentially a netbook running an Intel processor and Windows OS but at around twice the price of the competition, it went to prove that Nokia is no Apple.

This time around though, Nokia could use its clout and strategic alliance with Microsoft to be the first on the market to launch a Windows 8 ARM-based tablet globally.

Désiré Athow

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