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UK Broadband Speeds Decrease During Peak Times, According to uSwitch Research

In research conducted by uSwitch, an online comparing company, it was revealed that in the UK download speeds of broadband dips dramatically during peak times.

The research states that from 7pm to 9pm, download speeds decrease to an average of 35 percent - it is at this is time when the maximum number of people try to access the Internet from home.

Conducted between March and October 2011, the research measured about two million speed tests through uSwitch websites. The data was collected from speeds measured on ADSL as well as cable connections.

The research also showed that some parts of UK were suffering more than others. uSwitch claims that in Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset, on average, the download speed drops by 64 percent which is almost two third the rate of off-peak mornings, as reported (opens in new tab) by The Register.

Ernest Doku, uSwitch spokesman said, "It really is surprising just how much broadband speeds fluctuate at different times of the day, with drop-offs of almost 70 percent in some areas of the UK."

Doku added, "Not many Internet users enjoy the maximum headline broadband speeds offered by providers, and certainly not during the working week."

uSwitch has faced criticism in the past from ISP's which often accused them of using their own "flawed" techniques to measure such speeds.