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UK Broadband Speeds Drop by 65% During Peak Hours

A new report has revealed that broadband speeds in the UK get slashed by nearly 65 percent during peak hours.

According to a broadband speed research carried out by UK based comparison site uSwitch, internet speeds during the peak hours were a third that of the fastest speeds available.

According to The Telegraph, the fastest time to access the web in the UK was between 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM, wherein the average speeds reached 9.6 Mbps, while the slowest speeds were between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM in the evening, being reduced to 6.2 Mbps.

The research found that there were considerable gaps between the highest speeds offered and the speeds received during peak times. For example, Evesham has a high net speed of 15.5 Mbps which gets reduced to 4.9 Mbps during peak hours.

"It really is surprising just how much broadband speeds fluctuate at different times of the day, with drop-offs of almost 70 per cent in some areas of the UK. Not many internet users enjoy the maximum headline broadband speeds offered by providers, and certainly not during the working week," said Ernest Doku of uSwitch.