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Whizz-Kid Developer of Justin Bieber iPhone App Wows Audience at Tech Conference

Leaders in the technology world were blown away by a 12-year-old app developer who gave a confident and witty presentation at the TEDxManhattanBeach conference.

Thomas Suarez briefly described a few of his iOS apps, including one inspired by fellow students' dislike of Justin Bieber, and revealed how he has been helping kids make their own iPad and iPhone applications.

The sixth grade youngster explained that he had learned the programming basics of Python, C, and Java, with his interest in coding having begun while he was still in kindergarten, the Daily Mail reports.

The likeable smart alec from Los Angeles pointed out that, "these days students usually know a little bit more than teachers, with the technology," much to the amusement of those at the 'Transforming Learning' event.

Suarez began to develop his own applications after Apple released the Software Development Kit. The first app Thomas Suarez submitted to the App Store was Earth Fortune, an app that shades the Earth in different colours, depending on fortune teller predictions of how your day was going to turn out (...hmmm).

Since then, Thomas has released another three apps, with the most popular one being 'Bustin Jieber', a Whack-a-Mole inspired game where you can clobber teen idol Justin Bieber. Users can also upload pictures with their own personal enemies and slap them on the touchscreens of their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Having recently started his own company, CarrotCorp, he also told the audience about the App Club he was running at his school, as well as his future plans to move into Android app development too.

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