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It's a 'Windows Era,' Claims Microsoft Chief, Steve Ballmer

In view of the current scenario, the chief of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, declared an everlasting "Windows Era." At the shareholder's annual meeting the Ballmer made this comment after results showed the software giant is doing exceptionally well in the market.

Besides Ballmer, Bill Gates, Reed Hastings (co-founder of Netflix) and many others were successful in securing positions on the board of Microsoft, where investors cast 92 percent of the votes.

Answering a question on "post PC-era" initiated by Apple's Steve Jobs, Ballmer simply replied, "We are in the Windows Era, We were, we are, and we always will be," as reported by

Ballmer's remarks can be viewed as a denial of the fact that modern devices like tablets and smartphones operating on iOS and Android can pose a threat to the Windows-friendly laptops and desktop computers.

On the ability of Windows to evolve over time, the chief said, "One of the remarkable things about Windows over the years is that is has adapted. It will be a tablet machine; a reading machine, and a note-taking machine. We are going to have to push Windows into more form factors," reported.