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£54.99 iRiver EB05W Wi-Fi Touch Screen eReader

Waterstones presents the iRiver EB05W eReader with a featherweight design and loads of features that would make your e-reading as comfortable and effortless as possible.

First and foremost, the EB05W lets your download eBooks directly from the without the need of a computer. The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity option lets you downloads thousands of eBooks right from your home wireless network.

Next is the 6-inch eInk screen that would make your reading experience as effortless as possible giving you the feel that you are reading a paper-based book as compared to an eBook. The navigation system is touch enabled and the menus are laid out in a simple and effective manner.

The screen is reflection free - meaning that you can read your favourite eBook just about anywhere - even in direct sunlight without a glare. This causes less eye-fatigue.

The built-in 2GB storage space lets you store over a 1000 eBooks and in case you fancy a larger storage space, you can always use an SD memory card of up to 32GB.

Further, the eReader also boasts of an integrated Oxford dictionary that would let you get meanings of difficult words with a simple tap. Some of the other features include dictation function, bookmarks, annotations, music and audio books, support for 17 languages, etc.

Waterstones is offering the iRiver EB05W Wi-Fi Touch Screen eReader for £54.99.