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Apple iPad Wins Tablet Battle As Rivals Contemplate Exit

Apple may have finally slain some of its main rivals as tablet manufacturers including Acer, Asus, Dell and HP amongst others, contemplate exiting the market altogether.

A report from Taiwanese website, Digitimes, written by Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai points to the fact that a number of "pure" PC companies are thinking of giving up on the piping hot tablet market for good.

As always, the sources are anonymous, although they purportedly originate from the upstream supply chain which provides components to ODMs and OEMs that require stock months before the actual products are delivered.

The growing presence of the likes of Apple, Amazon and Barnes and Noble in the tablet market - players that have combined their tablets with a complete ecosystem - is expected to make life for pure tablet makers even more difficult.

This is reflected in the market by vendors such as Samsung, Sony and HTC all scrambling to build a decent multimedia offering.

Interestingly, Digitimes claims that demand for the iPad 2, while strong, is lower than that the iPad had experienced, leaving the newspaper to hint that consumers may have already moved on from the tablet PC to the next big thing.

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