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Apple Preparing Mini iPad and Larger iPhone, Hastily Pulled Report says

The Korea Times recently published an article revealing that Apple is working on new iPhone and iPad models, including a larger version of the former and a scaled-down version of the latter.

The report was subsequently quickly removed from the web, causing various analysts and news sites, including SlashGear (opens in new tab), to speculate that the far-reaching hand of Apple might have snuffed out the story. This could give added credence to the piece, though it could also, of course, mean just the opposite.

Nevertheless, the KT report suggests that LG Electronics is going to manufacture displays for an iPad mini with a 7.35-inch screen. On the other hand, the new look iPhone will sport a 4-inch display with the same resolution as the latest iPhone.

Rumours relating to a larger display for the next generation iPhone are not at all new, and analysts had suggested for months that what we know now as the iPhone 4S would surely feature a bigger screen, similar to Android phones.

The Korea Times quotes an anonymous source and the information seems to support other similar stories published around the web relating to Apple's intentions.

Main Device (opens in new tab) sees the rise of mid-sized tablets, such as the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire, as a reason why Apple will deliver an iPad Mini.

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