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Apple's Strict iPhone Conditions Scupper Deal with Japan's Largest Carrier

According to recent reports, Apple's determination to ban preloaded 'junkware' from its iPhones has caused negotiations with Japan's largest wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo to stall.

The deal breaker was Apple's resistance towards NTT DoCoMo's wishes to include specific apps on the iPhone, CultOfMac reports. Ryuji Yamada, NTT DoCoMo CEO, described Apple's conditions as "difficult to swallow," as the Cupertino-based company wouldn't allow any exceptions.

Apple's iPhone broke a tradition that was working out to be unnecessarily expensive for the users. Until the original iPhone, carriers used to install their own applications on the handsets in order to push customers to use additional services and charge them extra money.

Apple doesn't allow preinstalled apps on iPhones, and the devices released by the company don't reach users with products bearing any other brand than Apple's. Ryuji Yamada, like many other carrier CEOs before him, tried to engage in defensive tactics, suggesting that Apple's upfront order requirement for iPhone 4S is astronomical.

NTT DoCoMo's CEO also slipped in his opinion that the company's subscribers are more interested in Android devices as they prefer an open platform. Even though, for the moment, none of the negotiating parties are budging, Ryuji Yamada admits the discussion is not over: "We haven't given up our hope of introducing the iPhone."

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