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AT&T Suffers Little Despite Losing Exclusive Rights to Sell iPhone

AT&T, the largest wireless carrier in the UK, has claimed that losing the exclusive contract to sell the iPhone has not hurt its business.

The company revealed that the ‘churn' has not changed for the worse since it lost exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the US to Verizon, which started selling the iPhone 4 in February last year.

"Churn has not moved at all," said Glen Lurie, AT&T's president of emerging services. Churn refers to the number of those who decide to cancel their contract with their existing carrier and move to a different one.

AT&T said that if anything, the churn rate had declined compared to the second quarter of this year and third quarter last year.

Lurie also said the company was responsible for selling one million iPhone 4S units on the device's first launch weekend. He also stressed the importance of having devices from Research in Motion and Windows Phone 7 on AT&T's portfolio, according to PC mag.

The company was earlier criticised by users for providing network and customer support to its iPhone customers only, but now it seems that AT&T has sorted its affairs and is moving forward.