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BT, Fujitsu in ‘Collaborative Dialogue’ Over PIA

BT is still working over details with Fujitsu regarding national telco's costing as well as development plans of products for the purpose of opening their duct and pole infrastructure (PIA).

BT, last month, finally succumbed to the pressure of regulatory authorities as well as ISPs and lowered the pricing of PIA for their competitors to give better access to their pole and telegraph infrastructure. BT's move has been welcomed and appreciated by the industry.

Fujitsu's business unit director Bill Mackenzie commented that the company welcomes BT's "movement with pricing" by adding that Fujitsu felt the pricing is "now closer to where we need to be". However, at the same time the director warned that "lots of work still to be done", reported The Register.

The current challenges for BT are demand, affordability, procurement speed and timing and also very significantly "PIA uncertainties".

On the other hand, strategy director of BT, Sean Williams commented that BT is going through a "collaborative dialogue with Fujitsu".

By declaring that as BT is not the only provider of fibre technology, Williams thinks that, there is a strong possibility that other winners will also emerge from this process.