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eBay to Open Store in UK for Five Days During Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

eBay is planning to open a brick and mortar store here in the UK as an experiment to see whether it can replicate its virtual success in the physical world.

The company plans to open the store for five days during the busiest time of the upcoming shopping season for the real-world experiment, The Telegraph reports (opens in new tab). The store, which will be opened on Dean Street in London, will stay open from December 1 to December 5.

According to eBay, the retail store will have a limited number of products on display for customers; the 200 best selling items on its websites. Shoppers won't be able to take the products with them, but will be able to purchase them online by scanning the QR code attached to the products with their smartphones.

The shop will also have some tablet devices to allow shoppers to browser and order if they like something.

"eBay predicts another record breaking ‘Super Sunday' as 5.8 million shoppers are expected to log on to to shop. That's 0.5 million more than last year, and equivalent to the entire population of Sheffield," eBay claimed in a statement.

"Sales are forecast to peak at over 30 gifts every second, nearly double the 16 gifts per second bought last year via online and mobile platforms while up to 120 gifts will be bought via a smartphone every minute," it added.