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Epic Games: DLC is a fight against used games

Epic Games developer Rod Fergusson has said that he believes downloadable content - DLC - is part of the industry's fight against used game sales, and that gamers should realise the development of extra content takes much more planning than they think.

These revelations came about in a recent issue of Game Informer Magazine - spotted by CVG - where Fergusson was interviewed along with fellow dev Cliff Blesinski about their thoughts on DLC and its impact on the industry.

"There are people who think that the first day of DLC development is the day after you launched. That's not the way it works," Fergusson said. "A lot of it is that you have to prepare and plan and manage your resources and your people and everything to allow for that."

Fergusson believes that gamers consider DLC - often in the form of a charged-for download of extra levels, weapons, characters or even just a new skin for a bit of visual flair - as something that takes no work as well, and that it's just tacked on to a game after release.

Some gamers would claim that DLC is a bit of a scam: while it takes planning, doing so before you've finished the game is taking time out of the game's development, they may argue.

Epic Games, howeer, argues that it is doing what's right for the industry. By releasing important DLC - like gun skins - they're helping combat the evils of used games.

"It's less about shipping what's left over. It's not about, 'oh, we had this map left over.' It's keeping the disc in the tray. In a used game culture that you have to actively fight against, I think DLC is one of the ways that you do that," Fergusson concluded. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.