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Fujitsu Collaborates with Whamcloud; Enhance Open-Source Lustre File System

On Tuesday, Fujitsu stated they would collaborate with Whamcloud to develop new features for the open-source Lustre file system. These features will focus on high-performance computing.

The Japanese tech company, which recently became the manufacturer of the world's fastest supercomputer, commented that they want to increase the capacities of Lustre and at the same time get feedback from the open source community by working with Whamcloud.

Last month, Fujitsu finally released FEFS (Fujitsu Exabyte File System), which is based on Lustre. Kikuya Hanazato, a Fujitsu spokesman said, "We hope to work with Whamcloud to bring parts of FEFS into the Lustre project," as reported by PC World.

Whamcloud will provide technical support and other services for the implementation of Lustre. They can expect this collaboration with the Japanese giant as a potential source of very high revenue.

Whamcloud, which was started up a year ago, claims that currently 70 percent of the top 100 supercomputers in the world are using the Lustre file system which focuses on computer clusters capable of scaling up to a multiple number of machines.