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Google Combines Payment Services Google Checkout and Google Wallet

Google is combining their online payment services Google Checkout and Google Wallet under one name, Google Wallet. This will be the payment method for Android Market, Google+ Games, YouTube, and other sites of operated by Google.

Earlier, users could only use Google Wallet on Sprint's Google Nexus S 4G for making in-person purchases via tap and pay for any of the 140,000 merchants that accepts MasterCard PayPass.

With these new developments, users with a Google Wallet username and password can use the Wallet on those sites which accepts either Google Wallet or Google Checkout.

At present, merchants accepting Google Checkout on their own websites need not make any changes. However, in early next year, Google will provide the websites the necessary help to change to logo of Google Wallet, as reported by

On Wednesday, Gap made an announcement that more than 65 stores in the Bay Area are now accepting Google Wallet.

At present, users of Google Checkout can move their accounts automatically to Google Wallet when they sign in the next time they buy something online.