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IBM Analytics Finds High Heels, World Economy Connected

IBM, through its analytics software, has reported that the age of high heels is subsiding as the economy may finally be reversing the downward trend.

IBM carried out its analysis by watching and monitoring those bloggers who were constantly blogging about shoes. It found out that that between 2008 and 2009, fashion bloggers were constantly writing about high heels but by mid-2011, kitten heels and flat shoes were on the cards.

"Key trend-watching bloggers between 2008 and 2009 wrote consistently about heels from five to eight inches, but by mid 2011 they were writing about the return of the kitten heel and the perfect flat from Jimmy Choo and Louboutin," said Trevor Davis, a consumer expert with IBM's Global Business Services reported Reuters (opens in new tab).

According to Trevor Davis history says that when economy goes down heels market goes up and also stays up and the reason behind this is that consumers tend to compensate for bad phases with flamboyant fashion.

Davis says, this has proven to be true during the recent economic tough times, for example flats and subdued heels of 1920s gave way to the high heels of 1930s, during the 1973 oil crisis led recession platform heels did pretty well.

IBM said that on the basis of the retrospective analysis of blog posts, tweets, and various other social-media discussion of heels one can easily predict trends of the women shoe fashion, reported (opens in new tab).

According to social media, the average height of heels rose from 3 inches in 2008's first half to 6 inches in the second half exactly when U.S. financial troubles started. Thus, it seems women heels and economy share a close relationship.

Ravi Mandalia

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