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iPhone 4S Slowed Down Global Smartphone Growth

Anticipation for high-end handsets like the iPhone 4S translated into a repressed demand on the global smartphone market in the third quarter, according to a recent report.

Apparently, buyers waiting for the newest smartphones to become available slowed the growth of this market to below what analysts expected for the past months.

The total number of mobile phones that reached consumers in the last quarter was about 460 million units worldwide, and only 115 million of them were smartphones, according to the report published by Gartner (opens in new tab).

The developing countries increased the mobile phone sales, with buyers looking for feature phones with consumer friendly price tags. Consumers from large developing markets, like Russia and China, helped the global sales grow by 5.6% in the third quarter of 2011.

While feature phone sales revealed a rising trend, the demand for smartphones stalled in Q3, as shown by a slight decrease in the growth rate between Q2 and Q3.

Overall, the smartphone market is more than safe, as reports show a growth in sales by 42% from Q3 2010. The situation in the last few months was down to pent-up demand which was largely because of Apple's strategy of delaying the release of its next generation handset.

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