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iTunes Rival Google Music Goes Live in the US

At a news conference on Wednesday Google Inc. formally declared the launch of an online music store along with a free Web storage locker for enjoying music from phones, computers and tablet devices. The news conference was held at Los Angeles.

Through this music store Google Inc. will be selling albums as well as songs for a price which can be compared with Amazon MP3 and iTunes. However, at present the music catalogue of Google is limited, reported

This online store can be accessed through Android market via any Android-based smartphone and also from the website from where the users of Google smartphone can download the apps. Music bought from this online store is uploaded automatically in the storage locked provided by Google Music. This Google Music locker will be accessible either via an app which will be launched in a few days for latest Android phones and also tablets or directly from the website.

The website allows streaming of songs from various different Android-based devices.

The locker service, which was initially launched in May to a relatively small group, is now open for the entire United States from Wednesday. The user can store up to 20,000 songs in this Google Music locker.