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Malware Threats Increase 472% on Google Android Mobile OS Since Summer

Since July 2011, there has been a 472 percent rise in malware designed for Google's Android mobile operating system.

According to Global Threat Report released by Juniper Networks, this year, malware targeting Android has reached worrying levels, owing to its growing popularity and a lack of control on Google's part.

Juniper said that October and November saw the biggest surge in Android malware in the platform's three year history, with malware rising by 472 percent since July 2011.

Part of the blame for the rise in Android malware goes to Google and how it handles its Android Market platform, Juniper says. Anyone with a developer account, which is relatively simple to create, can submit apps for the platform without worrying about an application review process.

"These days, it seems all you need is a developer account, that is relatively easy to anonymise, pay $25 and you can post your applications," said Juniper in a blog post (opens in new tab), as reported by AppleInsider.

"With no upfront review process, no one checking to see that your application does what it says, just the world's largest majority of smartphone users skimming past your application's description page with whatever description of the application the developer chooses to include," the company added.