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Nearly a Fifth of Adult Population in UK Has Never Been Online

Nearly one fifth of the adult population of UK has never accessed the Internet a recent report by Office of National Statistics (ONS) has claimed.

The collected by ONS showed that 17 percent UK adults have never used internet. The third quarter of 2011 data shows that 8.43 million out of the total adult population in UK never had been online, reported ITPro.

To increase these numbers Race Online 2012 is putting every effort to get as many persons as possible to use web by 2012.

ONS in their report mentioned that, "Internet use is linked to various socio-economic and demographic characteristics, such as age, disability, location and earnings". They also reported that adults over 65 years who are widowed or are people with disabilities are most likely never to use internet.

In third quarter, reports shows that 4.25 million adults who are disabled never used internet during this quarter which is more than half of 8.43 million population who never used the internet.

It has also been revealed that before the third quarter of 2011 women were more into using internet than men but during third quarter men were ahead of women in this aspect.