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Nokia Lumia 800 prices and total cost of ownership for all the networks – in an easy to read table

Three of the UK top mobile phone networks have now started selling Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handset – the Lumia 800 – with immediate availability, both on-line and in store.

These are Orange, Three and Vodafone, along with Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u – selling the same device.

In this feature we are listing the prices of each of these companies price plan costs compared to each other, along with the total cost of ownership – for the whole contract duration; in the same way as our Apple iPhone 4S chart, here.


Orange cheapest offering for the Lumia 800 is £36 a month, over 24 months, on their Panther 36 and Dolphin 36 price plans. The first of which is accompanied by 600 minutes, unlimited text messages and a 1GB data bundle – with a free email and WIFI allowance, from BT Openzone.

The Dolphin 36 has 900 minutes, an unlimited text message allowance and a 250MB internet package, with free access to email.


Three has the 800 on £30 a month contract, with 500 minutes, a 5,000 text message bundle and a 1GB data allowance. It is worth noting, the network is also carrying the phone on their ‘One Plan’, which includes 2,000 minutes, another 5,000 minutes to any Three numbers, a 5,000 text message bundle and a truly unlimited mobile broadband offering, for £37 a month.


Vodafone has the Nokia Lumia 800 on an online exclusive deal at £36 a month. This is accompanied by 900 minutes, an unlimited text message package and a 750MB data allowance – with 2GB of BT Openzone WIFI access.

Carphone Warehouse

CWP has a number of deals at just £26 a month, with Orange and Vodafone. The Orange price plans start with a 200 minute offering, with an unlimited text message bundle and a 750MB data allowance; 400 minutes and unlimited landline access or 500 minutes and an unlimited text message bundle.

The Vodafone offers include 100 minutes, a 500 text message bundle and a 250MB data allowance or, 300 minutes and an unlimited text message package.

Phones 4U

P4U has the Nokia 800 on a Vodafone £26 a month contract, with 100 minutes, a 500 text message bundle, 250MB data allowance and three months of free WIFI access.


The Carphone Warehouse deal looks good on paper but the contract particulars aren’t really aimed at smartphone users, where a good data allowance is needed for internet and app access.

Vodafone and Oranges' offerings are evenly matched on their accompanying minutes, text message, data plans and costs – where Three is a little under par in minutes, but is the cheapest. It is worth considering a £1 cost addition on the other two networks contracts and getting the most minutes, text and data any network can offer for £37 a month.

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