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Orange Releases Three Alcatel One-Touch Phones with Facebook-Specific Buttons

On Wednesday, Orange released three Alcatel One Touch phones which have Facebook-specific buttons available below €100 (US$135).

The new models include the Alcatel One Touch 585F, 813F and 908 F. The latter is an Orange exclusive smartphone which happens to be, according to the operator, one of the cheapest Android based smartphones. No specific details about the pricing of the phones have been released yet, except the fact that they are "below €100 (US$135)."

The 908F model has a 2.8 inche screen with A-GPS and FM radio and runs on Android 2.2, which is powered by a 600MHz Qualcomm processor. The 813 F and 585F have QWERTY keyboards with Opera mini browser. The price of 813F is €60 and the cost of 585F is €40 approximately, as reported (opens in new tab) by PC World.

The most unique and different feature is the Facebook-specific button with which users can access, post, tag, comment and write on walls and do all the things that one does in the social networking site easily. They can also sync Facebook friends on the address book.

By the end of this year and into next year,the Alcatel phones will be available in other parts of Europe also.