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Porn Studio Considers Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against HTC

Vivid Entertainment, a porn studio, claims trademark infringement by HTC and has threatened to sue the electronic giant.

The allegations against HTC is that their smartphone HTC Vivid infringes the trademark right of Vivid Entertainment, as reported by U.S. entertainment site TMZ.

Vivid Entertainment is a giant name in the porn industry. This studio is known for disclosing sex tapes of Paris Hilton and also Kim Kardashian. However, it is not very likely that consumers might mistake the Vivid smartphone and Vivid the porn studio that makes naughty films for adult viewers.

According to TMZ reports, the port studio threatened HTC to change the name of its smartphone by Monday or face a suit for trademark infringement. In fact, the studio has also sent a cease and desist letter to HTC America claiming the same.

Attorney Mark Hoffman, for Vivid Entertainment, claims, in a statement, that the use of HTC America's the Vivid trademark "creates the false impression that your company and your company's products are affiliated, connected, or associated with and or sanctioned by Vivid Entertainment."

On this matter, HTC has decided to maintain a dignified silence.