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Rumours Circulating About 2011 Apple TV Launch

If rumours are to be believed then Apple is probably working on the latest Apple TV which they intend to release in "coming days."

According to reports, Apple believes that Amazon and Best Buy brought down the price for Apple TV device to $89 which is $10 below than their MSRP.

Thus, the latest updated version of the TV will have a bump for Apple's A5 chip that will allow smoother and better UI navigation and also full 1080p playback, reports (opens in new tab) Tech Crunch.

Also, Amazon and Best Buy are using 2010 as the name for the Apple product which implies that a 2011 version might be on its way as the lowered price indicates the clearing of inventory before the launch of a new device.

Talk and rumours about a new Apple TV has been going on for a long time. The most popular rumour is that Apple might replace the single-core A4 chip with a nearly ubiquitous A5 chip. Also, the new model might have a lot of new features like Siri, which is on iPhone 4S.

There are lots of rumours spreading about this device which might arrive at the end this year or early next year.