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Samsung Tweaks Galaxy Tab 10.1 To Get Past German Sales Ban

Samsung has redesigned the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to evade the sales ban that has been imposed on the Android tablet following an Apple lawsuit.

Samsung has renamed the device to Galaxy Tab 10.1N and tweaked its design by wrapping the bezel round the front and moving the speakers and has put it on the shelves of German stores reports Channel Register.

The Galaxy smartphone make would be hoping that the modifications would pave way for it to enter the European tablet arena. "We modified the model to reflect Apple's claims", Samsung spokesperson said.

The revamped design is still to get an approval from Apple lawyers as well as the German courts before the tablet can go on sale. But, German retailer Cyberport has already posted the new Galaxy Tab 10.1N on its site with a tentative price tag of €539.00. Cyberport is intending to deliver the tablets in two weeks time.

Experts believe that Samsung doesn't need to change specific elements of its tablet to re-enter the markets where it has been banned. It only needs to make sure that the design elements, which are covered under the patents held by Apple, are not infringed upon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Above), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N (Below).

[Image source: c|net]