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Smartphone Use in the Workplace Leads to Increased Security Concerns

The increasing use of smartphones in enterprise environments and the transition to virtualisation are the two most pressing concerns for enterprises trying to balance operations and IT security.

For its ‘State of Endpoint' study, the Ponemon Institute surveyed 688 IT security and information managers across various enterprises. The study revealed that there was hardly any coordination between IT operations and IT departments.

According to an article on Computer World UK, the study revealed that 40 percent of respondents believed that there was virtually no coordination between the two departments, while 48 percent believe the situation can improve.

When it came to virtualisation, a solid 55 percent believed that security measures were important while working in a virtualised environment, with many enlisting virtualisation vendors for security measures.

The survey also found that 41 percent of the respondents claimed the responsibility for virtualisation security was not assigned to a specific department, however.

The survey also revealed that many believe the increase in the use of mobile devices, especially smartphones, in the workplace, was a great threat to security.

According to the survey, 17 percent claimed that more than 75 percent people in their organisations used their personal devices in office while 20 percent claimed that more than half did so in their organisations.