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Tesco Creates 3-D Shopping Experience in Stores and Online

UK based retail giant Tesco has began trialling a new augmented reality campaign to provide a more interactive shopping experiences to Britons.

Combining AR with online and in-person shopping at Tesco stores, the company is not only trying to revolutionise how people shop, but also save itself some ample shelf space, reports (opens in new tab) The Telegraph.

To use AR while online shopping, shoppers need to install a browser plug-in and make a print out of a special AR page. When shoppers click on a certain product like a TV, and request an AR image, the webcam will be activated.

Shoppers will be required to put the page under a marker that appears on the webcam's screen and instantly a 3D and interactive image of the product will appear, allowing shoppers to thoroughly inspect and access some additional specifications.

The same can be done by accessing webcams located in the aisle's at Tesco stores. The company is using AR tech provided by UK based Kishino.

"This is a really exciting new technology which in this form is a relatively untapped opportunity in the UK. Thanks to our work with Kishino, augmented reality will allow customers to be closer to our product and interact in a way that has never previously been possible," said a Tesco spokesperson.