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US Government Shuts Mortgage Scammers on Google

The US government has closed down many internet scam artists who were paying Google to post ads that made bogus promises to provide help to desperate homeowners who have been trying to avoid foreclosure.

This action leads to questions regarding Google's huge advertising network's role in enabling misconduct over internet. This government decision will also put pressure on the search engine giant to increase vigilance about screening various marketing gimmicks that pop up along the internet search results as well as other content available on web.

A criminal investigation post the allegations of mortgage swindlers initiated three months after Google agreed to pay $500 million to prevent prosecution in Rhode Island for making profit from online ads of Canadian pharmacies which were selling drugs illegally in US, reported Times Of India.

Spokesman of US Treasury Department as well as Google both declined to make any comment over the issue.

Criminal investigation is definitely not good for any business set up and especially for this company which has already adopted "don't be evil" as their corporate motto.

John M Simpson, a critic of Google, consumer rights activist and a member of Consumer Watchdog, said that, "Google should never have published these ads, but its executives turned a blind eye to these fraudsters for far too long because of the substantial revenue such advertising generates."