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Apple Bags Location Based Services Patent, Competitors Beware

Apple has got its hands on a patent which might spell trouble for not only its rivals in the Android camp but also companies which incorporate location based services in their offerings.

The patent granted to Apple is a reissue of a patent originally awarded to Xerox and covers location based technology and services. The patent, RE42,927 will not only affect Apple rivals Samsung and HTC but also companies like Facebook and Foursquare and the likes.

What is worrying is that the patent in question is extremely broad and considering Apple's track record it might use it to show competition who is boss and try to conjure patent licensing deal with competition.

According to c|net, location based services are a key part of mobile technology and patent gives Apple exclusive rights to services that spawn from it, including location based advertisements, mapping, social networking and even augmented reality.

The patent basically covers the technology that allows mobile devices to beam their location and receive information in the form of text, video, sound, or images, which is something all the existing location based services do. Now it's up to Apple how it decides to use the patent and inflict pain on competition.