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Apple Apparently Chosed Intel Over AMD for MacBook Air Processors

Apple had reportedly commissioned Advanced Micro Devices to power the MacBook Air with its processor, but changed its mind at the last minute due to production issues.

Tech website SemiAccurate claims (opens in new tab) the Macbook Air is currently running on ‘Plan B' when Apple decided to use an Intel Sandy Bridge processor. The initial plan was to use AMD's low-power Llano chip, which was low on CPU, but high on GPU.

According to the report, Apple decided to go with Intel instead because AMD was not able to meet Apple's production expectations even after Apple provided it with a finished notebook to work on.

SemiAccurate's sources, however, claim that Apple had other reasons to break away from AMD, but failed to specify the reasons. It was also revealed that Apple is still willing to work with AMD as soon as it releases 64-bit chips.

There might be some truth in the report because Apple Insider had earlier reported (opens in new tab) that top level Apple employees were meeting with AMD for a partnership as Apple was frustrated with Intel for not producing new chips and offering low power graphics chips.