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Apple patents crack-resistant glass

Apple has patented a new type of crack resistant glass for mobile devices, featuring an accelerometer controlled, tunable shock mount that's designed to take the brunt of any impacts.

Apple has had problems with glass for a while now, with the iPhone 4 being infamous for its weak rear panel shattering with just a short drop. The fruity firm quickly jumped on this, filing a patent for a new type of glass in Q2 2010. This new crack resistant glass is backed by a shock absorber, controlled by an accelerometer. If it detects a fall is in progress, the shock mount inflates, removing much of the force from the impact.

On top of this, Apple's design also involves the use of Corning's ultra-tough Gorilla Glass, which has been previously used in the manufacture of windscreens and space craft along with high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S II.

While The Inquirer is speculating that this new glass could be used for the back of the in-development iPhone 5, there are already reports circulating that the next generation Apple device would come backed with aluminium.

At the very least, if Apple does go down the glass back route with its next-gen handset, it is at less risk of being hit with another class action lawsuit for misrepresenting the strength of the glass. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.