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FTC Questions Facebook About User Tracking Methods

At present, Facebook is facing the Federal Trade Commission over allegations of violating the privacy of users by disclosing too much of their personal information to the public.

The debate over what and how much of information Facebook is learning about people visiting the website is ongoing.

Officials and reliable sources related to Facebook have confirmed the social media giant has successfully created a running log of web pages which each one of its approximately 800 million members has logged onto during the last 90 days.

Facebook, interestingly, also keeps track of non-members and what they visit on web after they visit a Facebook web page, as reported by USA Today.

All tracking activity is accomplished via tracking cookies which are similar to the controversial systems that Adobe, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and others players in the online ad industry use, according to Facebook's engineering director, Arturo Bejar.

This type of activity has made Facebook the center of a "Do Not Track" debate that focuses on whether consumers should be given the option to stop websites from keeping an eye on their movements.