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Google Doodle Celebrates French Physicist Louis Daguerre's 224th B-Day

Today is 224th birthday of French physicist, Louis Daguerre, famous for developing a process through which photographs can be transferred onto silver-coated copper plates. Google Doodle is celebrating this occasion in its unique style and method.

Daguerre was first person to innovate the first "commercially successful" way of clicking permanent photos and thus, for today, Google Doodle is paying tribute to him using a classic black and white portrait. The image is the Google logo made up on the faces of the characters in the portrait - the letter L created by a lamp.

The image is charming with simple graphics along with equally simple links for searching web results on Louis Daguerre, as reported (opens in new tab) by Metro.

The innovation that made Daguerre famous was achieved by exposing copper plates to iodine, mercury vapour, and light. The exposure aids in the reproduction of permanent images.

This process is known as daguerreotype process which was first revealed at the French Academy of Science in Paris in 1839.

Through the doodle, Google is celebrating and honouring the timeless achievement of Daguerre.

Google Doodle has become a phenomenon for celebrating and marking various occasions and achievements.