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Huawei Found Not Guilty of Racial Discrimination

Huawei, accused of racial discrimination by a former employee, has been cleared of the charges.

The lawsuit was bought forward by technical support engineer Judeson Peter, who claimed he was fired because he was British.

But the employment tribunal court that heard the case in which Huawei was accused of firing British and non-British workers in favour of Chinese employees has determined that Huawei had not unfairly fired Peter and had not conducted any racial discrimination.

In fact, the court determined that Huawei had followed the correct procedures all this while, as reportedby eWeek.

"Huawei as a reputable employer would not tolerate any form of discrimination in the workplace and this has been validated by the tribunal's review of the case," said a Huawei spokesperson.

"Huawei is a responsible and fair employer and we are committed to the equal treatment of all our employees, providing the same career opportunities to all our employees globally. We are committed to expanding our business both in the UK and across Europe," the spokesperson added.

The company also claimed that it had fired more Chinese workers than British workers since 2009, adding that 75 percent of 650 strong workforce was local.