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iChat Might Be Coming to iOS Devices Says Developer

New evidence has emerged hinting that Apple is planning to bring the iChat instant messaging tool to iOS devices.

A developer has discovered new code in iOS 5 which indicates that iChat might soon come to iPhone and iPad devices, 9to5 Mac reports.

Developer John Heaton has discovered that Apple plans to introduce a variety of instant messaging services to its mobile OS platform. Some of the services mentioned in the code include iMessage, Jabber, AIM and FaceTime.

It has been known that Apple has been trying to integrate iMessage for iOS with the iChat application for the Mac which would allow users to sent instant messages between iOS and Mac devices.

iChat has not been mentioned specifically in the code but all the evidence points towards that Apple is planning to introduce more BBM like IM services to iOS.

A lot of IM applications already exist for iOS in the App Store but Apple is yet to offer its own solution except for the iMessage and FaceTime apps. However, a recent patent filing indicates that the company is planning to integrate FaceTime, iMessage and iChat in a single offering and perhaps the new traces of code are an evidence of that.