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iPhone Now More Popular than BlackBerry in the Enterprise Sector

Until recently, Research in Motion's BlackBerry was the favourite smartphone for business users. Professionals perceived RIM's smartphones as the most reliable, secure, and elegant mobile phone, a status symbol and a must have item.

However, a fresh report reveals that BlackBerry handsets have lost this position in the sector to the iPhone, as more employees prefer to use Apple handsets in their workplace. The survey, conducted by iPass and published in the quarterly Mobile Workforce Report (opens in new tab) was based on the responses provided by 2,300 mobile enterprise employees from 1,100 companies worldwide.

The report showed the 45% of the respondents declared they use an iPhone compared to 32% BlackBerry owners. RIM's handset is on a slightly downward trend within this market, as last year it gained 35% of those surveyed. Android smartphones managed to double last year's percentage, reaching 21% of the enterprise users and becoming the third platform for smartphones preferred in the workplace.

The number of smartphone users in the enterprise environment also increased 10% from last year, as this year's report shows 95% of the respondents said they use a smartphone. The choice is also more dependent on individual preferences as 42% of the respondents use their own phones, and not one given by the company, compared to 34% last year.

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