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Kaspersky Blocking Google as ‘Malicious Link’?

Update 18/11 06:16: Users have started reporting (opens in new tab) that the issue has been resolved with yet another update from Kaspersky.

Update 20:10: Users have posted updates (opens in new tab) that Kaspersky has confirmed that this is a false positive and will be resolved in an hour or so. We are yet to receive any update from Kaspersky though.

Update 19:55: More domains are getting blocked by Kaspersky including and its own domain From the looks of it's only domains that are affected.

Kaspersky Anti-virus and Internet Security users have started reporting since about a few hours that their desktop security software is blocking access to Google domain under the classification of ‘Suspicious URL'.

Users have turned to Kaspersky's forum (opens in new tab) to report this particular bizarre behaviour by their security software. It seems, based on the posts made by users, that the particular issue is only affecting the Indian sub-continent as of now.

"I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. All my databases are up-to-date. Only a few minutes back, I had been surfing the net perfectly well. All of a sudden, Kaspersky showed Google as blocked because of malicious url", stated a user.

Another user stated, "Same issue(issue reported as above) I am facing now; Using KIS 2012 here."

Orkut, Google's social network that is quite famous in India, is also getting blocked reported one user. "I'm using Firefox 8. ... Update: Even its blocking also!"

It seems that a buggy update might be the reason behind such behaviour, but there has been no confirmation from Kaspersky in this regards.

We have contacted Kaspersky and awaiting an update so stay tuned.

Ravi Mandalia

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