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Late News: IBM Blue Gene/Q, Apple Removes Its Only App, TechCrunch CEO Walks Out

Third generation of Blue Gene, the Blue Gene/Q (BGQ) supercomputer, has been unveiled by IBM. The BGQ runs on 16 multi-processing core technology and is capable of delivering performance of up to 100 petaflops.

Apple till date made only one game for iPhone and sold it on the iOS App Store, namely "Texas Hold'em". Apple has removed this game and it can't be purchased anymore. The game was first launched in 2008 via App Store with a price tag of $4.99.

Problems for AOL continue to spring-up has TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde has reportedly submitted her resignation to the management. Harde has already handed out her resignation but the AOL senior management is trying to convince her to stay on.

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) has announced the inclusion of Wi-Fi certified Wi-Fi Direct platform in to its interoperability guidelines. Wi-Fi Direct allows Wi-Fi devices in a home, office or hotspot network to connect with each other.

Ralph Whitworth, co-founder of Relational Investors LLC and an activist shareholder, has been appointed to HP's board of directors. Whitworth desires to focus on improvement of discipline in HP's spending and very specifically in the acquisition area, reported a trusted source.