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Love Windows 8 Ribbons? Here’s How to Port Them to Windows 7

Ribbons have been part of Microsoft's user interface for quite some time and the Redmond based operating system giant has featured it as a default element in the Windows 8 explorer panel. Although present in other software like Microsoft's Word, Excel and other Office tools, Ribbons are not the most loved features we have seen out there. A majority of Microsoft Office users are still using the 2003 version instead of 2007 or 2010 and many who have tested the preview version of Windows 8 have chosen to disable Ribbons because it takes too much visual space.

For some, that is not the case. Considering that Microsoft really spends time by reading customer reviews and analysing data across all platforms, the Ribbons system may be something that you want to add in Windows 7. Thus, today we are going to show you how to port this element on to Windows 7, making the OS a bit more similar to its upgraded sibling.

First of all, the porting will be done automatically by a program that is still in its Alpha stage, meaning you may or encounter some bugs along the way. As some reported, the icons may become larger at certain times and the exact size of these Ribbons may vary from resolution to resolution. If something happens, just restart the PC and everything should be fine again. Also, this program does not replace the current windows explorer process; it simply adds some elements.

Without further ado:

1. Download the Better Explorer (opens in new tab) software from here and save it on the desktop.

2. Install the program by following the simple Next->Next procedure.

3. Once installed, click on the Start button and then right click on Better Explorer. Choose to pin the app to the taskbar, like in the image below.

4. Now, to use the Ribbons feature while navigating, simply open the application from the taskbar and feel free to roam.

As Better Explorer is in its alpha stage, there is still a lot to be worked on before it provides you with a complete Windows 8 like feel on Windows 7. There are few features that are still missing. New Item and Easy Access options don't do anything as of now. Windows will not take Better Explorer as the default explorer program and there is no way of setting it as of now. Sometimes, when you open multiple tabs under the explorer, some of the tabs might not close until you close off Better Explorer completely.

Better Explorer has also been tested in Vista but failed to work. You can take a shoot if you'd like and leave a comment if you're successful.

Secondly, Better Explorer does not add any other elements present in the current Windows 8 build. Considering that this program is still in early testing, developers may reconsider their thoughts and implement serious changes like the new copy and paste system, the new task manager, the advanced search feature and other marvelous things.