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Microsoft Settles Out of Court with Five Resellers Accused of Software Piracy

Microsoft is heading toward an out-of-court settlement with five computer resellers who confessed to illegally uploading hard disks with pirated software besides flogging bootleg programs.

On Thursday, these five firms were "named and shamed" for Play Fair Day, earlier known as Consumer Action day. This day is very significant as the technology industry during this day highlights sales of illegal software.

Seaford Computer Services located in East in Sussex, JC Computer Supplies based in Durham, Fleetwood Computers (MRG Distribution) located in Derby, Subnet1 of Middlesex and Dinas Computers located in Cardiff admitted to the allegations.

Director of anti-piracy at Microsoft UK, Peter Sketch said, "The current economic climate means that for IT resellers, every pound they put in their pocket becomes more important than the last", as reported (opens in new tab) by The Register. Details of the settlement have not been disclosed yet.

Microsoft, through their piracy policy, wants to declare that they will be acting on every possibility of piracy and will also slam Trading Standards if required. Sketch declared that, "[We] are investing in developing new forensic technologies. We're also supporting government and law enforcement agencies in taking action against software counterfeiters," according to The Register.