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Motorola Accused of Stealing Intellectual Property from Lemko

Motorola Mobility, which is on the verge of being acquired by Google, has been accused of stealing intellectual property by Lemko.

The complaint filed against Motorola is part of an on-going battle between Limko and Motorola.

According to the complaint, the smartphone maker has been accused of poaching a Lemko engineer responsible for making the source code for an important piece of technology which allows phones to interact with satellites to determine its position.

Motorola has been accused of using Limko's intellectual property for its own operations. The lawsuit also alleges that Motorola acknowledged that it had the Lemko source code in its server and tried to cover it up by sending the code to labs in China, according to a CNET report (opens in new tab).

Lemko also claims the source code can be found in some Motorola smartphones which were trialled on Sprint's network.

"Lemko is committed to protecting itself against the theft of its software. Lemko will vigorously defend its intellectual property rights and will exercise its legal rights to prevent Motorola's illegal sale which would result in the fraudulent conveyance of our source code to Google," said a spokesperson for Lemko.