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Recent Spam Attack on Facebook Not the Work of Hacktivist Group Anonymous

Security researchers have said recently that the spam attack on Facebook was not conducted by hacktivist group Anonymous.

Facebook confirmed, on Tuesday, that as a result of "a coordinated spam attack" images of extreme violence, sexually explicit photos, photos of animal abuse as well as objectionable images of celebs were posted in the newsfeeds and pages of Facebook users.

Earlier, it was speculated that the hacker collective Anonymous was behind the attack. The group is famous for conducting distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against MasterCard, Visa Card and other firms who had stripped WikiLeaks of right of payment processing, reports (opens in new tab) Computer World.

BitDefender, a Romanian security vendor, stated earlier that Anonymous had developed a Facebook worm known as the "Fawkes Virus" which they pledged to use to mark 5th November as Guy Fawkes Day. However, the group later withdrew the threat.

About the recent pornographic attack, BitDefender's senior social media security researcher, Geoge Peter said, "It looks like other Facebook attacks."

Peter added, "These are ordinary scams and we believe Anonymous would use something more sophisticated," reports Computer World.

Facebook said that these attacks were conducted by exploiting a "self-XSS browser vulnerability." The attack caused some speculation that Facebook might lose a huge number of users.