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Skype adds Facebook to Facebook calling

Skype can now be used to make text, voice and video calls to Facebook contacts directly from the application, as long as you have the latest beta version and have imported your friends into your contact list.

Available for both Mac and PC, the latest beta update allows for the integration of Facebook's social network within the VoIP software. Once you've connected both accounts, you'll be able to call your friends as well as chat to them from within the interface. To help avoid clutter, there's a new Facebook tab in your contact list which keeps your standard Skype friends separate from your newly imported ones.

The announcement for this new feature was made on the Skype blog, where the process of making one of the new Facebook-Facebook calls is described. Once you've connected your two accounts, select a Facebook friend and hit the video call button in Skype - at which point the recipient can pick up the call from the Facebook website itself.

The Facebook chat feature has always felt a little under-developed compared with some of the instant messaging and VoIP services that are available, so integrating one of the most popular within the social network is a smart move: not only does it increase its functionality, it keeps users connected to Facebook without even needing a browser open.

With Microsoft recently closing its Skype deal, it seems interesting that they've allowed the collaboration with Facebook, especially since they have their own rumoured social network in the pipeline.

Helping to promote the new integration of services Skype has released a video explaining how it works, reproduced below for your amusement and edification. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.