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Skype Now Offers Direct Video Chatting with Facebook Friends

Taking their relationship with Facebook to the next level Skype, on Thursday, announced that they are updating the Windows and Mac OS X applications which will provide internet calling service and allow Facebook-to-Facebook video chatting facility.

Skype has already provided Facebook's video chatting feature that is operating since July this year, so definitely this can be seen as a natural move for Skype.

Skype's vice president of product, Rick Osterloh, said that, "Our approach to social is about personal connections with people."

"We are on a mission to connect over one billion people and our continued partnership with Facebook brings us one step closer to this goal." Osterloh stated in a blog post on Skype.

By syncing their Facebook and Skype account users can start video chatting with their Facebook friends through Skype. Video calls made from Skype can be attended either via Facebook or Skype wherever the user in logged in.

This is a great move for Microsoft, the parent company of Skype, which has a stake in Facebook; is partners with the social networking giant for ads and has recently closed a deal to make Bing search engine a part of Facebook.