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TechCrunch CEO Reportedly Quits AOL

Problems for AOL continue to spring-up has TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde has reportedly submitted her resignation to the management.

According to Business Insider, Harde has already handed out her resignation but the AOL senior management is trying to convince her to stay on.

The news of her decision to depart comes after a senior TechCrunch writer, Sarah Lacy, quit her job at AOL.

It all started when Michael Arrington, the founder and editor in chief of TechCrunch sold the website to AOL for $30 million. When Arrington decided to open his own VC firm, AOL objected and asked him to resign.

Arrington was adamant that AOL give editorial freedom to work but Arianna Huffington, AOL's editor in chief, demanded that the editorial control over AOL's entire online content was her job thanks to the contract she signed. Her demands were enough for AOL to force Arrington out of his role at TechCrunch reports Forbes.

His departure sparked a series of resignations by TechCrunch writers and hostility between TechCrunch employees and those of Huffington Post bubbled to the surface.

Harde and other AOL big wigs have remained unavailable for comment since the news broke out.