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Virgin Media Updates Improve Programme Searches on BBC's iPlayer Service

Virgin Media has started updating its TiVo set-top-box with some new features, including the ability to search BBC's iPlayer service.

The company said the update will reach TiVo customers this week, bringing with it a host of new services that allow users to manage their programming more easily.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Cnet, the update give users the ability to search programs on BBC's iPlayer using TiVo's search, catch-up, and on-demand services.

The update will also allow users to type more easily using the TiVo remote, in the same way users type a text message, instead of selecting each letter individually.

The service also comes with a new feature called Express Series Link, which allows users to record an entire series in one-go. The recording will start one minute before the show is about to begin and will continue four minutes after the show has ended.

The company will also release an iPad app, which allows users to record programs on TiVo using their iPad devices.

Virgin Media said the update will also improve the music on demand app and the YouTube app, which will now feature support for HD videos. The update will also improve the selection of existing appsand add new ones including Spotify.