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Will Microsoft Windows 8 Be Delayed?

Windows 8 may be late according to Michael Cherry who works for independent research firm, Directions on Microsoft.

His analysis is based on the fact that there is normally a delay between the RTM (release to manufacture) and general availability.

Given that he expects RTM to be issued in the last quarter of 2012, it could well mean that Windows 8 will not be ready until 2013.

Traditionally, Cherry said, there has been a gap of up to 90 days between RTM and general availability.

The developer edition of Windows 8 has already been out for a few weeks and has proved to be stable enough for us to use on our normal work computers.

We suspect that the various versions of Windows 8 (x86, ARM) are at different stages, and we believe that Microsoft will seed OEM partners well before the OS is available to the general public.

Contrary to what Cherry is suggesting, we also believe that Microsoft will make sure that they don't miss the all-too-important holiday period in 2012.

Windows 8 could well be the operating system that brings together three different platforms; tablets, smartphones and desktops.

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